Electric Orange and Carbon XS

photo'13 XS Owner: AJ Schultz From: California, USA Paint: Electric Orange Comments: None Purchased from: eBay Photos: 1
30th November 2018 | Continue →

Boss Blue XS

photo'16 XS Owner: Kevin Lavin From: District of Columbia, USA Paint: Boss Blue and Carbon Comments: None Purchased from: ifbikes.com Photos: 1
13th July 2016 | Continue →

Green XS

photo'13 XS Owner: Stewart Starkin From: Greater London, UK Paint: Green Comments: Such a beautiful compliant responsive frame. Purchased from: ifbikes.com Photos: ...
7th January 2016 | Continue →

Omaha Orange XS

photo'14 XS Owner: Michael Kirsch From: New Jersey, USA Paint: Omaha Orange Comments: Appropriately named "Orange Crush" Purchased from: Photos: 1 ...
10th December 2014 | Continue →

Maroon XS

photo'09 XS Owner: Ian Bartram From: Essex, UK Paint: Maroon clear coat over carbon Comments: Recently bought this frame - ...
17th July 2014 | Continue →

Boss Blue and Carbon XS

photo'12 XS Owner: Steven Lord From: Somerset, UK Paint: Boss Blue Lugs, Natural Carbon Comments: This is a replacement for ...
4th November 2012 | Continue →

White with Black Carbon XS

photo'12 XS Owner: Robert Balmaseda From: California, USA Paint: White with Black Carbon Comments: My first custom bike is a ...
4th November 2012 | Continue →

Titanium and Carbon XS

photo'97 XS Owner: Mark Howell From: Washington, USA Paint: Titanium and Carbon Comments: None Purchased from: GearConnection Photos: 1 2 3 ...
9th July 2012 | Continue →


photo'10 XS Owner: Jason Abild From: Iowa, USA Paint: Raw Titanium and Carbon Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1
22nd April 2012 | Continue →

XS with Ruby Red Lugs

photo'10 XS Owner: Andrew Fullerton From: British Columbia, Canada Paint: Ruby Red Pearl Painted Lugs with clear carbn tubes Comments: ...
26th February 2012 | Continue →

Black and Green XS

photo'05 XS Owner: Shawn Hall From: New Jersey, USA Paint: Black and Green Comments: I Love this bike! Purchased from: Marty's ...
14th January 2012 | Continue →

Tahitian Pearl XS

photo'10 XS Owner: Alexander Xenopoulos From: New York, USA Paint: Tahitian Pearl and Raw Titanium Comments: I don't want to ...
21st May 2011 | Continue →

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