Raw XS

photo'07 XS Owner: SangJean Moon From: Seoul, South Korea Paint: Raw Titanium and Carbon Comments: Venga IF! Purchased from: Photos: 1 ...
2nd March 2011 | Continue →

Intense Blue Pearl XS

photo'06 XS Owner: Neal Manecke From: Colorado, USA Paint: Intense blue pearl and clear carbon Comments: None Purchased from: Top Cycle Photos: ...
11th February 2011 | Continue →


photo'10 XS Owner: Mark Hogan From: Unknown Paint:Raw Titanium and Carbon Comments:None Purchased from: Photos: 1
6th February 2011 | Continue →

Natural XS

photo'10 XS Owner: Justin Shaffer From: California, USA Paint: Raw Ti, plus if screened signature inside fork, came out ...
9th December 2010 | Continue →

Custom Copper XS

photo'10 XS Owner: Brian Shea From: California, USA Paint: Custom Copper Lugs and Raw Carbon Comments: Thanks to kevin for ...
29th November 2010 | Continue →

Yellow XS with Olive Tint

photo'10 XS Owner: Paul A From: Washington, USA Paint: Custom Yellow with Olive Tint Comments: None Purchased from: Counterbalance Bikes Photos: 1 ...
18th August 2010 | Continue →

Red Tint XS

photo'08 XS Owner: Darren Sanders From: Pennsylvania, USA Paint: Red Tint Carbon with Natural Titanium Lugs Comments: None Purchased from: Lunchbox ...
11th April 2010 | Continue →

XS with Blue Lugs

photo'08 XS Owner: John Steinhauer From: Colorado, USA Paint: Custom blue lugs Comments: Love the rig- who knew such beauty ...
7th March 2010 | Continue →

Red and White XS

photo'09 XS Owner: Unknown From: Unknown Paint: Red BB Pearl with White IF Castle "Tramp Stamp" Comments: At 16.09lbs as ...
18th January 2010 | Continue →

Quetzal Green XS

photo'08 XS Owner: Geoff LaFleur From: Alberta, Canada Paint: Quetzel Green with Black No Box Decals Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1 ...
8th November 2009 | Continue →

Blue Tint XS

photo'09 XS Owner: Kevin Casey From: North Carolina, USA Paint: Blue Tint Carbon Fiber with Brushed Titanium Lugs. Silver Script ...
25th August 2009 | Continue →

XS with Pearl Blue Lugs

photo'09 XS Owner: Svelte Cycles From: Rhode Island, USA Paint: Pearl Blue Lugs and Raw Carbon Comments: Read more about this ...
22nd August 2009 | Continue →

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