Titanium Crown Jewel

photo’10 Titanium Crown Jewel
Owner: Roelf-Hans van der Veen
From: Sjælland, Denmark
Paint: Raw Titanium
Comments: Good craftsmanship, unique build and beautiful ride.

Purchased from: UK
Photos: 1 2 3

Raw Titanium Crown Jewel

photo'17 Titanium Crown Jewel Owner: Macdara O'Graham From: Armagh, United Kingdom Paint: Raw Titanium Comments: Ti. Some of the details ...
8th March 2018 | Continue →

Omaha Orange and Boss Blue Crown Jewel

photo'17 Crown Jewel Owner: Tim Mayeda From: California, USA Paint: Omaha Orange and Boss Blue Comments: All Campy Record ...
17th February 2018 | Continue →

Corsa Red Crown Jewel

photo'15 Crown Jewel Owner: Doy Pope From: Georgia, USA Paint: Corsa Red Comments: None Purchased from: ifbikes.com Photos: 1
8th February 2018 | Continue →

Turquoise Metallic Titanium Crown Jewel

photo'17 Titanium Crown Jewel Owner: Calvin Han From: Singapore Paint: Turquoise Metallic Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1
25th January 2018 | Continue →

Personalised Independence

photo'9 Independence Owner: John Squires From: New York, USA Paint: Mine Comments: Rebuilding old frame for cross country tour Purchased from: ...
19th January 2018 | Continue →

Hot Pink Deluxe Singlespeed

photo'17 Deluxe Singlespeed Owner: Shawn McKenna From: Pennsylvania, USA Paint: Hot Pink Comments: Brilliant Purchased from: Cycles 54 Photos: 1 2
30th December 2017 | Continue →

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