Titanium Steel Deluxe

photo’05 Deluxe
Owner: Shafiq Hussain
From: West Yorshire, UK
Paint: Titanium
Comments: Just amazing. Got from an ebayer who had downgraded (he said upgraded!) to a Seven Ti (if I remember correctly) and this was up for grabs. Paid around £450 for it and it was duely posted out to me (phew). Has a little rust comig through as its the 853 Reynolds… simply amazing and currently running with some surly forks fully rigid…

Purchased from: eBay
Photos: 1

Gloss Black To Crown Jewel

photo'15 Titanium Crown Jewel Owner: Steve Beam From: District of Columbia, USA Paint: Gloss Black Comments: Custom Geometry Purchased from: ifbikes.com Photos: ...
14th January 2016 | Continue →

Freshwater Pearl Gravel Royale

photo'15 Gravel Royale Owner: Linda Goldstein From: New York, USA Paint: Freshwater Pearl Comments: None Purchased from: Fit Werx Photos: 1
11th January 2016 | Continue →

Pink Crown Jewel

photo'15 Crown Jewel Owner: Stewart Starkin From: Greater London, UK Paint: Pink Comments: Pretty in Pink. (This makes me want a ...
7th January 2016 | Continue →

Green XS

photo'13 XS Owner: Stewart Starkin From: Greater London, UK Paint: Green Comments: Such a beautiful compliant responsive frame. Purchased from: ifbikes.com Photos: ...
7th January 2016 | Continue →

Polished Steel SSR

photo'13 SSR Owner: Stewart Starkin From: Greater London, UK Paint: Polished Stainless Comments: This XCR is stiff, responsive, and smooth. ...
7th January 2016 | Continue →

Rapha Edition Crown Jewel

photo'15 Crown Jewel Owner: Dongwon Kim From: Seoul, South Korea Paint: Rapha Edition Comments: None Purchased from: Plush Bikes Photos: 1
15th December 2015 | Continue →

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