Planet Cross

Planet Cross with Red to Black Fade

photo'98 Planet Cross Owner: George Paxinos From: Maryland, USA Paint: Red to Black Fade Comments: Purchased from: Photos: 1
11th October 2020 | Continue →

Stars ands Stripes Planet Cross

photo'18 Planet Cross Owner: Brad Fultz From: Tennessee, USA Paint: Stars and Stripes Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1
19th October 2019 | Continue →

Rapha Planet Cross

photo'08 Planet Cross Owner: Brendan Kelly From: New South Wales, Australia Paint: Rapha Team Edition Comments: Love this bike for ...
26th November 2018 | Continue →

Planet Cross in Toyota FJ Cruiser Paint

photo'10 Planet Cross Owner: Owen Bittner From: Pennsylvania, USA Paint: Toyota FJ Cruiser Comments: I just purchased this IF a ...
25th November 2017 | Continue →

Planet Cross with Red and White Flames

photo'10 Planet Cross Owner: Ken Clark From: Oregon, USA Paint: Red and white flames Comments: The Planet X is so ...
25th August 2017 | Continue →

Black to Bronze Planet Cross

photo'00 Planet Cross Owner: Kris Ramsey From: Ohio, USA Paint: Black to Bronze Metallic Fade Comments: Restoring it back to ...
14th April 2017 | Continue →

Pink Planet Cross

photo'14 Planet Cross Owner: Miguel Lin From: Southside, Australia Paint: Pink Comments: None Purchased from: Private sale Photos: 1
22nd May 2016 | Continue →

Planet Cross with Orange to Purple Fade

photo'01 Planet Cross Owner: Jason Dodge From: California, USA Paint: Orange to Purple Fade Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1
11th April 2016 | Continue →

White Planet Cross

photo'98 Planet Cross Owner: Don Paullo From: Texas, USA Paint: White with Green and Yellow Graphics Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: ...
3rd November 2015 | Continue →

Red White n Blue Planet Cross

photo'01 Planet Cross Owner: Scott Magic From: Texas, USA Paint: Red White n Blue triple fade with stars Comments: Bike ...
26th February 2015 | Continue →

Meteorite Metallic Planet X

photo'14 Planet Cross Owner: Michael Gorkowski From: Virginia, USA Paint: Meteorite Metallic Comments: I've had my eye on the Planet ...
10th December 2014 | Continue →

Omaha Orange with Intense Pearl Blue Planet Cross

photo'13 Planet Cross Owner: Frank Calabrese From: Massachusetts, USA Paint: Omaha Orange with Intense Pearl Comments: Designed for Rando, clearance ...
25th March 2014 | Continue →

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