Planet Cross

John Deere Green Planet Cross

photo'01 Planet Cross Owner: Adam Levy From: California, USA Paint: John Deere Green, No Decals Comments: so. much. f*&%in' fun. Purchased ...
25th August 2013 | Continue →

Sage Green Planet Cross

photo'98 Planet Cross Owner: Michael Albaugh From: Michigan, USA Paint: Sage Green and Black Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1
10th May 2013 | Continue →

Dove Grey Planet Cross with White Panels

photo'08 Planet Cross Owner: Sean Parr From: Hertfordshire, UK Paint: Dove Grey/White Panels Comments: 2nd IF I have been fortunate ...
10th May 2013 | Continue →

Sakura Pink Planet Cross

photo'12 Planet Cross Owner: Yufta Omata From: Yamanashi, Japan Paint: Sakura pink and metallic blue Comments: That's my race bike ...
19th March 2013 | Continue →

Planet Cross in Blue and Orange

photo'10 Planet Cross Owner: Phil Noble From: Ohio, USA Paint: Blue and orange team panels Comments: I currently have 3 ...
28th February 2013 | Continue →

Army Green Planet Cross

photo'12 Planet Cross Owner: Pieter Sipkes From: Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands Paint: Army Green Comments: Geared Planet X in army green ...
23rd February 2013 | Continue →

Matt British Racing Green Planet Cross

photo'12 Planet Cross Owner: Dirk M From: Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany Paint: British Racing Green Matt Comments: Not yet finished.... Purchased from: Photos: ...
24th November 2012 | Continue →

Vanilla Shake Planet Cross

photo'11 Planet Cross Owner: Ketil Wright From: Oslo, Norway Paint: Vanilla Shake Comments: A versatile and fun bike to ride. ...
29th October 2012 | Continue →

Rapha Planet Cross

photo'08 Planet Cross Owner: Brian Dallas From: Colorado, USA Paint: Rapha Team Colours Comments: Can anyone provide some history on ...
20th October 2012 | Continue →

Gloss Black Planet Cross

photo'11 Planet Cross Owner: M Goto From: Tokyo, Japan Paint: GlossBlack, Oval white logo Comments: None Purchased from: ESB Nobeyama ...
18th February 2012 | Continue →

Black Planet Cross

photo'10 Planet Cross Owner: James Doherty From: Pennsylvania, USA Paint: Black Comments: Great Ride! Purchased from: Speedgoat Photos: 1
22nd January 2012 | Continue →

Pea Green Planet Cross

photo'08 Planet Cross Owner: Kyle Bainter From: Michigan, USA Paint: Pea Green Comments: None Purchased from: Get a Grip Cycles Photos: 1
11th January 2012 | Continue →

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