Personalised Independence

photo'09 Independence Owner: John Squires From: New York, USA Paint: Mine Comments: Rebuilding old frame for cross country tour Purchased from: ...
19th January 2018 | Continue →

Boss Blue Independence

photo'09 Independence Owner: George Satur From: Pennsylvannia, USA Paint: Boss Blue Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1
6th August 2015 | Continue →

Independence in Black Cherry Metallic

photo'13 Independence Owner: Pat Clements From: Tennessee, USA Paint: Black Cherry Metallic with Vanilla Shake Panels and S&S couplings Comments: ...
9th April 2014 | Continue →

Pigeon Grey Independence with Vanilla Panels

photo'10 Independence Owner: Rob Akkermans From: Limburg, Netherlands Paint: Pigeon Grey with Vanilla Panels Comments: None Purchased from: Bikeboutique Photos: 1 2 ...
14th February 2013 | Continue →

Yellow Independence

photo'03 Independence Owner: Jeromy Hewitt From: California, USA Paint: Yellow Comments: Santa Cruz cyclist here. 60cm frame opposite colors ...
22nd July 2012 | Continue →

Cream Independence

photo'10 Independence Owner: Helen Biggerstaff From: Buckinghamshire, UK Paint: Independence Comments: Fab bike - paint job is stunning. A joy ...
19th May 2012 | Continue →

Shark Grey Pearl Independence

photo'97 Independence Owner: Gareth Baines From: Somerset, UK Paint: Shark Grey Pearl Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1
26th February 2012 | Continue →

Periwinkle Stars Independence

photo'00 Independence Owner: Kenneth Cohen From: Ohio, USA Paint: Periwinkle stars Comments: Sat in the shop for ten years. Became ...
28th October 2011 | Continue →

Vanilla and Black Cherry Independence

photo'11 Independence Owner: Frankie Law From: Hong Kong Paint: Vanilla Shake with Black Cherry Metallic Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: ...
13th June 2011 | Continue →

Coupled Independence

photoIndependence Owner: Unknown From: Unknown Paint: Copper with Panels and Pinstripes Comments: None Purchased from: Unknown Photos: 1 2 3 4 5 ...
20th March 2011 | Continue →

Vanilla Shake with Delorey Green Panels Independence

photo'10 Independence Owner: Melissa Schwartz From: New York, USA Paint: Vanilla Shake with Delorey Green Panels Comments: None Purchased from: NYC ...
15th November 2010 | Continue →

Independence in Black

photo'08 Independence Owner: Jack Brown From: Kansas, USA Paint: Black Comments: None Purchased from: Sunflower Outdoor and Bike Shop Photos: 1 2 ...
28th March 2010 | Continue →

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