Updates’a’coming Posted on November 22nd 2020

Life. That’s the reason for radio silence and neglect here at the IFOC. Fate and fortune gets in the way and throw some big old curve balls at ya.

In positive news, I made the pilgrimage to Marin County last December and rediscovered my riding mojo. Thanks Microsoft and Aruba for the invites to come across the pond. I tooled about in a Muscle car, ate in middle-of-nowhere diners and visited some of those amazing state parks. Yet I felt most at home cross the Golden Gate bridge and heading for the hills.

Then Coronavirus sent the world mad. After a few local lock downs causing biking range limits I am back in the saddle now and getting some miles in the legs. Feels better than being sat at a desk on endless video meetings.

So after the sabbatical, the updates are coming back here. A few updates posted over this weekend. If yours isn’t included yet, I’ll try and get it done as part of the rest done in the next 48 hrs.

Thanks for your patience all. And boy, some of you have been VERY patient. Says a lot about IF Owners really and motivates me to keep this going.

Some plans for 2021. Let’s see if we can make them stick this time.

Marin County

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