Crown Jewel

Green Crown Jewel

photo'05 Crown Jewel Owner: Mike Grier From: Oregon, USA Paint: Gorgeous Green courtesy of Spectrum Powderworks Comments: Purchased frameset ...
2nd April 2014 | Continue →

Black Crown Jewel with Flames

photo'02 Crown Jewel Owner: Chris Jarosz From: California, USA Paint: Black to Yellow with Flames Comments: You can't beat hot ...
25th March 2014 | Continue →

Grey Prizmatique Crown Jewel

photo'04 Crown Jewel Owner: Josh Tabije From: California, USA Paint: Grey Prizmatique Comments: New to me CJ. The geometry on ...
22nd December 2013 | Continue →

Red Crown Jewel

photo'12 Crown Jewel Owner: Sean McGreevy From: Antrim, Ireland Paint: Red Comments: Brand love Purchased from: Velo Cafe Magasin Photos: 1
7th December 2013 | Continue →

Silver to Yellow Fade Crown Jewel

photo'01 Crown Jewel Owner: Eric Stanley From: Georgia, USA Paint: Silver to yellow fade out Comments: I just found out ...
24th November 2013 | Continue →

Black Cherry Metallic Crown Jewel

photo'13 Crown Jewel Owner: Paul From: Louisiana, USA Paint: Black Cherry Metallic Comments: None Purchased from: Eagle Wheel Photos: 1 ...
26th October 2013 | Continue →

Flaming Velocity Yellow Crown Jewel

photo'13 Crown Jewel Owner: Joep Maas From: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Paint: Velocity Yellow to Sprout Green Flame Fade Comments: The ...
3rd September 2013 | Continue →

Intense Blue Pearl Crown Jewel

photo'13 Crown Jewel Owner: Christopher Aubin From: New Hampshire, USA Paint: Intense Blue Pearl Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1 2
25th August 2013 | Continue →

White Crown Jewel with Black Panels

photo'00 Crown Jewel Owner: Sadiq Gill From: Virginia, USA Paint: Whiet with Black Panels Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1 2 ...
26th July 2013 | Continue →

Omaha Orange Crown Jewel

photo'13 Crown Jewel Owner: Matt Blank From: Virginia, USA Paint: Omaha Orange Comments: Special thanks to the team at Cyclelife! Purchased ...
30th May 2013 | Continue →

Army Green Crown Jewel

photo'10 Crown Jewel Owner: Al Pfeiffer From: California, USA Paint: Army Green Comments: Beautiful and extraordinarily comfortable ride, and couplers ...
29th May 2013 | Continue →

Crown Jewel in Black Diamond

photo'05 Crown Jewel Owner: JD Huff From: Georgia, USA Paint: Black Diamond Comments: 2nd owner. Rides like a dream. Purchased from: ...
28th May 2013 | Continue →

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