Getting ready for summer Posted on May 25th 2010

We all prepare in our own little ways for the summer and here at JIFC HQ the summer prep is on. This past weekend it finally stopped raining here in the Midwest and we were greeted with what felt like the sun sitting down in the parking lot. We have profiled the “shop” before in earlier posts, but this freaking closet of a garage wears on a fella. I hope this time next year to be in a proper home and real garage or basement. Right now there is as much air flow in the garage as there is in outer space. Add 90 to 150 degree added temps and you get the enjoyment of working in the “shop.”

So this weekend Liz and I had some family down for good times, catching up, and brilliant sushi. I could go on and on about sushi and my new obsession with it, but that might be for another time. I digress, so while Liz and I were entertaining I was able to steal a few moments away to put together two new editions to the JIFC family in the form of a new 29er with some cool design features and a used Crown Jewel that has found its way to me. Love the beginnings of this bike, older bike with 1 inch head tube and fork, thin tubes make it look sleek. Probably a decade old the paint still shows the quality of the craftsmen/women who have and do still work at the best bike company on the planet. I worked at great trade for this and threw on a fulcrum wheelset I had, new cables, and bar tape…away we go.

Once the flipping trails dry out I will be able to get some quality time in the saddle, so it looks like road for me for a few more days. With summer approaching and IFBRO planning in full force, there will be loads to do and training miles to accumulate.

Wanted to give a high five to my buddy Darren as he and I were asked to represent IF Grassroots this coming fall in the OVCX series. We are looking forward to racing many events and hanging out with folks after and talking IF, cross, and fun.

Here are a couple of bike pics, but check out the best site on the Internet for more!

This place is too hot, you lose weight just looking at it!

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