Black Deluxe with Blue Decals

photo'13 Deluxe Owner: Peter Schusser From: Limburg, Netherlands Paint: Black with Blue Decals Comments: Awesome ride combined with awesome look! ...
15th July 2013 | Continue →

Red Deluxe with Gold Decals

photo'02 Deluxe Owner: Tung Bach From: Califonia, USA Paint: Red with Gold Decals Comments: I bought the frame as NOS ...
15th July 2013 | Continue →

Bright White Deluxe

photo'09 Deluxe Owner: Hanna Chakarji From: Maryland, USA Paint: Bright White Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1 2
28th May 2013 | Continue →

Black Deluxe with Stripes

photo'12 Deluxe Owner: Michael Shimbo From: California, USA Paint: Gloss Black with Corsa, Sprout, Velocity and Baby Blue stripes. Comments: ...
21st May 2013 | Continue →

Deluxe in Grey with Orange Panels

photo'07 Deluxe Owner: Christian Ingenhoven From: Northrhine-Westfalia, Germany Paint: Grey with orange panels Comments: I like IF because they are ...
28th April 2013 | Continue →

Porsche Riviera Blue Deluxe

photo'98 Deluxe Owner: Helmut Przikling From: Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany Paint: Porsche Riviera Blue Comments: Here is my 98er Porsche Riviera ...
12th April 2013 | Continue →

White Deluxe 29er

photo'12 Deluxe 29er Owner: Billy Somerville From: South Australia, Australia Paint: White with green decals Comments: None (We don't get ...
22nd March 2013 | Continue →

Purple Passion Deluxe Redux

photo'12 Deluxe 29er Owner: Dave Bradley From: Indiana, USA Paint: Purple Passion Comments: Here is my Deluxe Redux in ...
14th March 2013 | Continue →

Red to BRG Fade Deluxe

photo'02 Deluxe Owner: Chris Geaghan From: Massachusetts, USA Paint: Red to British Racing Green fade Comments: None Purchased from: International Bikes Photos: ...
23rd February 2013 | Continue →

Blue Deluxe

photo'99 Deluxe Owner: Charlie Palafofx From: Texas, USA Paint: Blue Comments: Steel Deluxe there is nothing better. Best bike I have ...
14th February 2013 | Continue →

Gold Flake Deluxe

photo'98 Deluxe Owner: Chusma Chusma From: Asturias, Spain Paint: Oldie but Goldie Comments: A blast on the tracks Purchased from: Kingroon Photos: ...
30th January 2013 | Continue →

Blue to Red Fade Deluxe

photo'08 Deluxe Owner: Tony Miller From: Kentucky, USA Paint: Blue to Red Fade Comments: A two tone fade on this ...
22nd December 2012 | Continue →

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