Stealth Attack Black Corvid

photo'09 Corvid Owner: Charles Osborne From: New York, USA Paint: Raw carbon Comments: Clearcoat over woven carbon, vanilla shake script, ...
22nd June 2016 | Continue →

Raw Corvid

photo'12 Corvid Owner: Rubben Kim From: Seoul, Korea Paint: Raw Carbon Comments: None Purchased from: Plush Bike Photos: 1
20th June 2014 | Continue →

Metallic Green Corvid

photo'12 Corvid Owner: Kim Dae Woo From: Seoul, Korea Paint: Metallic Green Comments: Nice to meet you! A stunning carbon ...
2nd April 2014 | Continue →

Raw Carbon Corvid

photo'10 Corvid Owner: Paul O'Donnell From: New York, USA Paint: Raw Carbon Comments: My second IF, another great bike. Purchased from: ...
25th September 2011 | Continue →

Sketchy Ron’s Corvid

photo'10 Corvid Owner: Sketchy Ron From: New Hampshire, USA Paint: Custom Factory Paint Comments: This bike turns frowns upside downs. Purchased ...
28th August 2011 | Continue →

Corsa Red Corvid

photo'11 Corvid Owner: Regis Lindsay From: Colorado, USA Paint: Corsa Red, Titanium panels with white IF decals Comments: Great ride, ...
26th April 2011 | Continue →

Heavenly Corvid

photo'10 Corvid Owner: Unknown From: Unknown Paint: Raw Carbon/Satin Finish & White/High Gloss Comments: Hanging quietly as it waits ...
24th October 2010 | Continue →

Clearcoat Corvid

photo'10 Corvid Owner: Rob Hick From: Yorkshire, UK Paint: Clearcoat over woven carbon, white & pale pink pearl script Comments: ...
4th April 2010 | Continue →

Raw Carbon Corvid

photo'09 Corvid Owner: Alan Buday From: New York, USA Paint: Raw carbon, white script and pale pink pearl Comments: My ...
13th February 2010 | Continue →

Black Corvid

photo'09 Corvid Owner: Alan Buday From: New York, USA Paint: Raw carbon, vanilla shake Script, wrapped crowns Comments: A flawless piece ...
22nd September 2009 | Continue →

Raw Corvid

photo'09 Corvid Owner: Svelte Cycles From: Rhode Island, USA Paint: Raw Carbon Comments: Read more about this bike on the Svelte ...
15th August 2009 | Continue →

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