Blue Pearl to Quetzal Green Deluxe

photo'95 Deluxe Owner: Richard Johnson From: Massachusetts, USA Paint: Blue Pearl fade-to Quetzal Green Metallic Comments: One of the first ...
15th December 2012 | Continue →

Black Deluxe

photo'12 Deluxe Owner: Tom Naome From: Limburg, Belgium Paint: Black with yellow and green graphics Comments: (Sometimes keeping it simple ...
14th December 2012 | Continue →

Platinum to Black Fade Deluxe

photo'95 Deluxe Owner: Steven Endres From: New Hampshire, USA Paint: Platinum to Black Fade Comments: I bought the frame off ...
4th December 2012 | Continue →

Midnight Blue Metallic Deluxe

photo'12 Deluxe 29er Owner: John McGee From: Pennsylvania, USA Paint: Midnight Blue Metalic Comments: None Purchased from: Wissahickon Cycles Photos: 1
24th November 2012 | Continue →

White Deluxe 29er

photo'12 Deluxe 29er Owner: Bill Korte From: Ohio, USA Paint: White Comments: First time riding a 29er. Love the way ...
11th September 2012 | Continue →

Orange Deluxe

photo'08 Deluxe Owner: Iain Lackford From: Dorset, UK Paint: Orange Comments: A second IF supplied byu the ...
5th September 2012 | Continue →

Boss Blue and White Deluxe

photo'12 Deluxe Owner: Nick DeFilipp From: Massachusetts, USA Paint: Boss Blue and White Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1 2
10th August 2012 | Continue →

Porsche Riviera Blue Deluxe

photo'98 Deluxe Owner: Matt Rowley From: Greater Londeon, UK Paint: Porsche Riviera Blue Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1 2
8th July 2012 | Continue →

Team Green and Yellow Stars Deluxe

photo'02 Deluxe Owner: Christian Maute From: Virginia, USA Paint: Team Green and Yellow Stars Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1
27th June 2012 | Continue →

Gold Deluxe

photo'95 Deluxe Owner: Matt Rowley From: Greater London, UK Paint: Gold Comments: None Purchased from: Retrobike Photos: 1
11th June 2012 | Continue →

Deluxe with Blue Flames

photo'07 Deluxe Owner: Andrew Millar From: New York, USA Paint: Blue Flames Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1
3rd June 2012 | Continue →

Baby Blue Deluxe with White Panels

photo'11 Deluxe Owner: Greg Scott From: South Carolina, USA Paint: Baby Blue with White Panels Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1 ...
4th March 2012 | Continue →

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