Worth the wait Posted on February 26th 2017

So time and life moves onwards and as sure as night follows day my time to maintain this site seems to slip through my fingers. I’ve had an incredibly busy 12 months but a new IF to ride every day and a dose of Alpine Fat Biking in France with some old riding buddies has me enthused once again.

I love riding. The craftsmanship out of the original Somerville workshop and the current Newmarket home gives me a sense of pride in ownership. It drives the n+1 calculation for optimal bike ownership.

The one thing that gives me the motivation to keep this site going is seeing the imagination of other Independent Fabrication Owners transformed into reality. This update brings some new breed and an old classic beautifully reimagined. Keep ’em coming folks!

Ti Cross Deluxe

You won’t find a Ti Cross Deluxe listed on the Independent Fabrication website. It’s not a production model. It’s an invention of my imagination and the desire to create a bike for hacking through winter out of a mountain bike frankensteined to a load of cross bike bits.

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