Tubulars for dummies: The Zank Method Posted on October 25th 2009

I have yet to see the popular big yellow manual for dummies in the super chain book store next to the other self help volumes on finance, cooking, and romance. I keep looking, but am distracted by the vast quantity of topics I apparently am not good at and need a book reminding me of how inadequate I am.

Never the less I have read debates that have raged over the centuries…OK maybe not centuries, but at least for several months regarding the benefits of using tubulars instead of clinchers for cross. To be quite honest the ongoing debate the cyclocross forum wizards go through becomes a bit obsessive and repetitive so I am going to defer to their charts, graphs, and NASA level presentations and not get into why it is better to run them.

There are all sorts of methods of attaching tubular tires to the rims for cross, but the one person who continues to get referenced in bike forums all over is Mike Zanconato , who has described one of the easiest and most reliable methods I have seen. Honestly I think his pictorial makes this task so much easier for folks who want to try tubulars. Check out what he has created here. Read, glue and enjoy! Mike has spent many years building fantastic frames and battling with the ever famous Hup United cyclocross team. Mike has glued loads of tires and has had a great success with this method. His plan is simple and if you follow his method and practices, more then likely you will have decent success. There are of course many others who can show you the ropes, but this one makes sense to me and while Gluing Tubulars for Dummies has not come out just yet, this seems to be darn near as perfect!

Enjoy and remember to open the windows, doors, and garages so that your pals or better half does not find you in the corner of the room naked curled up in a ball signing nursery rhymes hugging your can of Mastik!

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