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    I am the new owner of an 01 deluxe. The frame is well used and I think that I will paint it before building it up. I am undecided about whether to paint or powdercoat. There is no question that powder will be more durable, but I would like to keep this bike somewhat in tune with how it was originally. I am in love the the absinthe green color and will probably go toward that no matter which I choose.

    Any advise would be appreciated.

    Dave Bradley


    I can appreciate the dilemma, but I say work with IF and see what they can do for you. While many other painters do a fine job, Spectrum, Joe Bell, Keith Anderson, etc; I think sticking with the company who knows their product makes sense. Like Darren said in a previous post, we both have a pal who is having his bike repainted by IF. I think sending it back to the mothership and having them inspect the bike when it is stripped and then redoing things their way just makes good sense. They are going to stand behind their work and know what they are doing. Their paint dept and the folks behind it, especially Clint never stop working to get better.

    Again that is my opinion and I am sure there are plenty of those out there. Might as well start at the source. You have got to post pics when it is all done as the absinthe is a sweet color to get!

    Good luck!




    I am in your same situation and was wondering who to contact and how hard/ much it was to get IF to repaint

    Filip Clark

    Contact the sales email address on the IF website.

    I recently inquired about getting my '95 IF#52 repainted, however, IF stated that due to focusing their efforts at making new bikes, they wouldn't be accepting used frames for repaint until the fall.

    Cris Bloomfield

    That seems fair enough. You have to wait for a quality job with any reputable painter, I'm sure that there's a fair queuing system in place.


    Hey Guys,

    so as im sure you are aware, we are currently not taking repaints. I wish we could because i hate having other people paint our bikes but Clint and Mike ( our wonderful painters) are swamped with work…as is every other department, so we just cant accommodate repaints at this point in time. I am hoping that if things slow down a little in the off season (there wasn't one last year) then we can start to slot in some repaints but right now we have to focus on getting customers their bikes in a timely manor.

    Feel free to send the frame to qualified painters. we can certainly provide decals and if you want a powder coat then we can get the painter some top mount options as well. Powder coating is a great option for mountain frames that will take a beating.

    anyway, hope that helps.

    all the best


    Filip Clark

    An email response from IF states they are accepting repaints. Cost for a base repaint is $500. Custom colors (which I'm looking for) are $100 extra.

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