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    Just curious if there is a snowballs chance in hell of it ever coming out…..

    Cris Bloomfield

    Last time I was in the factory there was a derivative of the Tungsten Electrode being tested. As I understand it the concept is still being developed and investigated, but the team are being very careful not to release something until they are 100% comfortable and happy with it going into the public market.


    Do they need testers?????? :) :)

    Dave Bradley

    Didn’t Joe tell us that with companies like IBIS making such light weight 5+ inch travel bikes, they didn’t find a huge market for what they can bring to the table?

    Moots does ok with ti mtbs and the IF would be killer.


    The one I saw looked as if it’d had long since lost it’s spark…the name is a goodun’ tho’ I hope that at least get utilised eventually eh?!

    Cris Bloomfield

    I’ve ridden a Tungsten Electrode albeit a prototype and I think it’d be a shame not to see a derivative of it on the trails. It’s in the hands of Indy Fab as to whether we’ll see the bike in production format in future. Fingers and toes crossed!

    Andy Benson

    I’d say it’s dead:

    IF (Kevin or Joe) told me they just don’t see it working out financially – which I believe. Moots does a pretty good job in this segment already. Turner has the DW Link and sells a lot of frames for good reason – their design works.


    New location, new outlook…Is there a full suspension bike in the future for IF????? :-)


    I'd bet the idea is dead, no offense, Mike. You never know though. I rode right beside it last summer in NC on the IF ride. Tyler was rockin' it, and riding it like a champ. I remember that white w/ green IF decal paint job, REAL NICE!

    Ya'll make it stop raining so I can get on my damn bike!

    Dave Bradley

    I loved that bike. I want it! Same one Bracken brought to Bio Wheels that one winter. Man that was fun.

    Will give you a chance to ride mine when I buid it up!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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