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    Dear List,

    Bought my bike in 2004. I noticed almost immediately that some of the paint puckered on the top tube in a couple of places and another spot chipped off really easily. As I did not want to part with the bike for any period of time, I lived with it. I have recently marred the paint with an accidental meeting with a tool box so I am thinking about having the entire frame repainted, but was thinking of going somewhere other than IF. Any thoughts or recommendations? Also any experience as to how long, cost, etc. Also was talking to a guy at the shop about "powder coating." Claimed it was more environmentally friendly . . .



    Dave Bradley

    I can understand possibly not wanting to have IF repaint it if you were unhappy in the first place. Did you notify them when you noticed the problem at first? They might be willing to work something out if you have already had a problem with it.

    Iam not terribly sure powder coating is super environmentally friendly or that much more so then liquid paint. I knwo IF has stepped up their paint dept tremendously over the last few years and Clint is the man when it comes to design and production. Youmight want to start at the source first.

    If you have resigned not to go back to the source I have had bikes that got their paint form Spectrum Powder Works in Colorado.


    good luck with everything.



    I agree with Dave on contacting IF about the problem. Just out of curiosity, what ti model is it? Chipping easily is normal of IF paint in my past experiences. I have only seen one other IF deluxe with "puckered" paint, and know for a fact the owner just contacted IF for a return authorization number. They are going to check it out for him.

    If I had to do it again, on my ti frames, I would have chosen to not get a portion of them painted, and just gone with raw ti. My opinion only, of course. Let us know what happens. I am sure IF will be happy to help you in any way they can.


    Cris Bloomfield

    Hi Karen

    The paint can take up to two months to fully harden and toughen. It is more susceptible to damage in this period. I would really recommend using helipcopter tape or other similar clear plastic coatings to protect the paint in high wear areas. I have fully covered the top tubes on my singlespeed and planet cross. The Ti Deluxe has a few chips and battle scars on it's painted panels from it's alpine adventures and manhandling by lift operators on the uplifts.

    It might be a little late for IF to honor damage that was done almost six years ago, but I'm sure they'll help you out if they can. The paint process IF use is of similar spec to the paint finish you get on Audis, Mercedes and BMWs. It is superior to powdercoating but also more expensive. It's the first place I'd contact before using someone else.

    Jon Saperia

    I have the 'raw' Ti with the shot peened surface. One of the reasons I go that is so that I did not have to worry too much about scratches. I have found that a couple of the painted decals are wearing off.

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