anyone sucessfully run a double ("dingle") speed?

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    Mat Faulkner

    Hi all. I'm thinking of running my SS Ti as a double speed in an upcoming event with big climbs. My bike has 425.0mm chainstays, vertical dropouts, and a Phil eccentric BB. I currently have Raceface Deus XC cranks, so can add another ring. I have a Phil rear hub and use White Industries freewheels, so would start with a 16/19 or 17/19 Dos eno freewheel. Trick would be to find two front chainrings (same no. teeth apart from rear) to try to nail same chainlength on each of the 2 gears so as to not have to adjust anything when switching back and forth.

    I've played with chainlength calculators and so on.

    Does anyone here have practical experience running their SS as a double?


    Use a Hammerschmidt. You've got a 22/34 or a 24/38 up front while running whatever rear cog you want. The true beauty is that with the Hammerschmidt crank your chain line never moves it employs a mechanism pretty close to a hub body and pauls to engage or disengage the orbital gear which is attached to your chainring.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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