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    John May

    Last year, the racing team at Independent Fabrication sold raffle tickets to raise money for the team. The winner won a steel frame. I won.

    I had been saving up for a new bike, but with things the way they are, my plans to get it on my 50th birthday were postponed to maybe my 55th, if that!

    Well, I was at a IF Ride/Demo/Presentation meeting at Grace Bicycles in Holliston where I learned of the raffle, so I bought a ticket on line that night.

    I paid a little extra to upgrade the Crown Jewel to an SE, and then worked with Grace Bicycles to design the rest.

    I decided on bright yellow with green logos in part because it looks great and is visible on roads, but also because it’s reflective of their company colors and I hope it will bring them business as people see it and ask about it.

    I was on a ride today and I guy on a nice Trek pulled along side. He had never heard of the brand but was curious about the bright color. I don’t know if he was trying to keep up or not (I think we all try!) but when we came to the hill, I left him behind.

    Yeah, I could have stayed with him for a while longer, but the bike wanted to fly.

    Sean Moran

    Congratulations John! You beat me as I had purchased a ticket for that raffle also.

    By the way…your homeowners should cover your bike. My insurance agent is a good friend, and I just asked him that same question a few months ago. We have riders for some of my wife’s jewelry, but he assured me my bike would be covered. Of course, I tell you that w/o any knowledge of the specifics of your company or policy.

    Anyway…congratulations and enjoy your new Crown Jewel! Great bike, made by some great people.


    Cris Bloomfield

    John’s Crown Jewel SE can be seen here:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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