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    I love Lamborghini’s. I think they are one of the most recognizable cars in the world. If I were so fortunate to be able to buy a Lamborghini, I would’t care if the dealer I bought the car from was within a mile of another Lamborghini dealer. I would think, man I am very fortuanite to own such a nice car and I want to promote them however I can. There are people out there driving Civics, F-150’s, even Corvettes, but I am lucky enough to own a Lamborghini.

    Be happy with what you have man. If you want some exotic, truely boutique bike, I suggest you buy a torch, some tubes, rig up a frame jig and have at it. If that’s too much to ask, I would advise stop reading this post and throw your leg over that sweet machine you are the proud owner of. It’s getting lonely.

    Andy Corso

    Mike … I take my hat off to you for sparking up this forum :-)

    Double digit post thread…. whodda thunk it?

    Mike Costa

    Last post for me here…

    The issues are:

    Dilution of brand….

    Lying about it….

    For those that think that IF doesn’t need their customers, then I think that’s a wee bit arrogant in itself.

    Time to ride….


    Happy trails, or maybe roads, in your case. I still want to know what you are talking about. You never answered any questions, or gave any clarification. You just gave two hypothetical situations. You do have one thing correct, someone is lying. Someone…

    Anybody else wonder what the other side of the story is?

    John May

    Dilution of brand? Lying about it?

    I’m beginning to think that Mike is not telling us everything he knows.

    Maybe he should visit his boutique store, ask them what’s really going on, and get back to us?

    Dave Bradley

    It is fun that the forum is seeing more action and I applaud that. However, this particular argument lacks merit, rational thought, and worthiness of discussion.

    We all have heard your point, IF has heard your point, and it appears there is no pleasing you with regards to our or their position.

    I do hope you enjoy your IF. They are fantastic bikes. I hope it performs as you had hoped.

    I think this forum needs to grow with positive insightful dialog and this thread isn’t that.

    Chris or whomever can, I think locking it will at least give folks opportunity to read it, but I don’t think comments are progressing it anywhere that is worth going.




    The confusing issue here is that people that are going to buy an IF are not considering a Trek or Specialized typically. The shop I buy my stuff at has had a great relationship with IF since there inception. A lot of the catalog bikes decorate their walls. They sell tons of MM stuff heck I even buy some of this stuff anybody ever try bontrager wheels Hmm they are pretty good with a 5 year warranty to boot. So, MM stores I see as a good thing but M.G. when you can afford your Lamborghini you will not be able to purchase it at a MM dealer.

    If anyone heard or read the CNN The Turnaround Timberland / IF story you can here Gary’s intentions, he wants to grow this company (before he bought his way in) and his motives came across to me as money driven. Not a bad thing. I would just hate for my Planet Cross, Crown Jewel, or Deluxe to be as recognizable as a Trek of Specialized, which would happen if the company grows too much. Fat Chance had a plan to grow, Serotta. (gone) Merlin had a plan to grow , American Bicycle / Lightspeed. (pretty much gone) I think this is the brand dilution M. C. fears, I am probably with him on that one.

    As far as lying I don’t believe the IF clan are the lying type they are really a great group of people.

    Dave Bradley

    No one at IF envisions the company turning into anything different then what it is. Finding new ways to source materials, utilizing new materials and methods, promoting the brand and the owners in a way that it was meant to, and looking into new projects to see what potential they have if any for IF is what the company is about.

    Bike shops cannot survive on custom orders alone. They have to sell things to keep the lights on. Most folks know Trek due to Lance, Specialized as they sell $250 bikes up to $8K bikes.

    IF sells their bikes in bikes shops. They do not limit what shops sell such as Specialized and Trek does. That is not their motive.

    IF isn’t Timberland and Gary is a hell of a lot smarter then we are. Nor was he the entire company there. He knows what he is doing and has a brilliant vision for how to improve the brand. He also has an intense loyalty for everyone involved at IF. You cannot compare IF and Timberland as their visions were different. Folks that do not know him truly don’t get it. He has been there for over a year. Seems as though IF still is rocking and killing it with sweet bikes. People panic when new folks come in. Let it go and enjoy new ideas.

    Gary, Joe, Lloyd, Tyler, Finn, Kevin, Clint, Leah, Jamie, hell everyone at IF are class acts. They make the best bikes out there. They have ideas and put them into action. They keep it real and develop brilliant relationships with their customers.

    Where the bike is sold is so irrelevant to anything. They want good shops with excellent people supporting their brand.

    Folks keep it real and enjoy the bikes. Place an order for a new one…however you can!


    Dave I am pondering ordering a new one but that could get me into serious family trouble right now. Thanks.

    Dave Bradley

    I hear ya!

    What one are you thinking about?

    Tell her they hold more value then a house! :)


    It would be a good thing for IF to clarify their new position.

    “Gary is a hell of a lot smarter than we are”.What sort of shit is that. Gary’s fans make Gary sound a proper wanker to me!

    Dave Bradley

    Because he is smarter then you?

    Gary has excellent business skills, has a vision for IF, has encouraged relationships with people and companies to put IF in a position to succeed in a competitive market.

    He empowers the rest of the staff to think outside of the box, strive to be better, and fights passionately for the brand.

    If that is a wanker, then yeah I guess he is.

    Cris Bloomfield

    Gary is a hell of a lot smarter than we are

    Easy Dave ;)

    If you want to say Gary’s smarter than you that’s okay, no one will hold it against you LOL

    Just kidding with you.

    Cris Bloomfield

    It was once said in an interview…

    As the brand has grown the last 13 years it has attracted men and women who are like minded who’s only thought is doing the best they can to make good bikes. We (IF) never say best because we don’t believe in best. When you are the best you have nothing to improve on. When you are good you are typically trying to make things better day to day and year to year.

    I have seen no proof that this commitment and desire to continuously develop and refine their products has changed.

    Sean Moran

    Nice job stepping in there Key Master:) Dave, great passion, but a little too general.

    I own 2 IF’s. I have met Gary (briefly), I follow some of his posts on another bike oriented site, and I have read the IF/Timberland CNN Turnaround script. I am also a senior leader in a relatively large, successful, global company. My experience is Gary appears to be a very smart guy. It appears his intelligence, work ethic, and passion for all things “bike” have enabled him to learn the business very quickly.

    Of course, Gary and the rest of the crew (let’s not forget Joe, Lloyd, Tyler, Jamie, and the rest of IF) are committed to growing the business. They should be. The bottom line is they are a for profit organization. Growth is easier espoused than accomplished though. Every for profit organization would like to grow…but not every one does.

    Bottom line…in their effort to grow, IF WILL change. They HAVE to. Some folks will like them more. Some will will be indifferent. Some may get upset when their local Trek dealer begins offering IF’s.

    This doesn’t mean their not great guys, it doesn’t mean they have any less passion, and it certainly doesn’t make them any less honest. It just means they are doing their best to grow. If they are successful, they will continue to be a solid company, which provides us the opportunity to purchase and ride some of their stellar bikes.

    Whether that purchase is thru a “boutique shop”, and “outdoor outfitter shop”, or your local “MM Shop”….hell, it’ll still be an IF. That should be what matters.

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