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    John May

    Just curious, what was your “First Real Bike” – I mean, the first “road bike” you ever had?

    Mine was a Flandria. I bought it in the early 1970’s when all my pals were buying “Schwinn Varsity” bikes. Now all my friends buy Treks and I’m still the oddball. Some things don’t change, I guess. The shop that sold it sold bicycles and canoes and lawn mowers. The Flandria had (I think) Diacompe components. Flandria still makes bikes, but does not export to the USA.

    Andy Corso

    Mine was a Carpenter, painted in Bianchi Celeste… a little known framebuilder in the UK, that too was back in the seventies.

    I went everywhere on it, joined a club, raced it for a few years, discovered beer and women and sold it…… what an idiot.

    Cris Bloomfield

    Mine was a Giant Cadex. I was on the Giant youth development programme and they hooked me up with a carbon frame and forks and a load of riding kit :)

    Sean Moran

    1st…Huffy 10 speed…traded it and a skateboard later for a GT BMX Mini frame and fork. Raced the GT until the tracks here in WI closed down.

    2nd road bike wasn’t until 25 or so years later, a Seven Elium. Still have that, but it usually only gets ridden on the trainer. Outdoors is for my IF!

    Andy..remember, there is nothing wrong with beer and women….just as long as you don’t seperate them.


    Stan Pike (UK frame builder ) 753 bought 2nd hand in LBS in 1988. Service first as ‘racer’, then as ‘trainer’ . It still gets the occasional spin as my single gear bike. Still remember taking it out of car boot and riding it up the road as my first ride on a proper bike. Could not believe the difference between a proper bike and the collection of tubes and wheels that I had been riding.

    Dave Pugh

    A Volkscycle “The peoples bike” and on to a custom built Franklin frame from Columbus, Ohio. I still own it after 25 years. Campy Record, Speedy Modolo brakes, Phil Wood Hubs with Ambrosio rims. Bar end shifters too. Not the same as my new XS with Super Record but a very special bike.


    Not a road bike, but funny…

    1994 Trek 930 SHX. Bought it for $899. Matte green faded to matte blue, STX groupo with a Quadra 5 fork. Took me about 5 years to pay it off (college) Found the same exact bike, color and everything last year at a yard sale in a 17″ for my wife. $75 bucks. She’s been on it twice.


    Same here, mtn. bike first. It was a ’95 Gary Fisher Aquila, fully rigid, 7 speed grip shift, Tioga Psycho tires, canti brakes, etc. I took it back a week later because it was HUGE! The person that sized me must have been on something, because they sold me a 21″ mtn. bike. The trade was a 19″ Specialized rockhopper Comp A1/FS, that I soon upgraded the crap out of. Loved that bike, sold it probably 5 yrs. ago. Stupid me. Of course, now I am an IF addict, so it would be out of place in my stable. Still, it took me many many places.

    Jeff Harr

    1970’s Lugged steel Trek (can’t remember the tubeset, True Temper I think), second hand, paid WAY too much since I didn’t realize how utterly thrashed all the components were. At the legendary DeLuxe Bicycles in Lincoln in the masterful hands of Tom and Greg it started to gain Nuovo Record ders and other parts. Even though too small for me, rode the hell out of it, and even now 25 years later my brother commutes on it all the time.

    The next was a lugged steel Moots road bike, serial # 322, used, from Grewal Sports in Aspen. It has been built for Rishi right before he got picked up by Team Crest. Raced that for 12 years, but sold it in order to buy my IF Planet Cross (one of the first forays into the prizmatique paint effect according to Matt Bracken).

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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