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    John May

    It was Easter Sunday, several years ago, damp and windy and I dressed for a cold ride. Two miles from my house, I noticed a piece of mud on the left front fork. Not wanting to look at it for the ride, I reached down with my hand to flick it off. Yes, my glove went into the spokes and the next thing I remember, I was in a ditch. Except for a bent fork, the bike was fine. Since I was reaching forward to clean my fork, the first part of me to hit the road was my face, followed by my helmet and then my back. It’s a long story, but aside from a few dozen stitches to put my face back together, I was fine. The doc did a fine job and I don’t have a lot of scars. And Giro sent me a new replacement helmet for $20 (shipping & handling fee) – all I had to do was ship them the one that I crashed

    But it was, no doubt, the dumbest thing I ever did on a bike.

    Smartest thing was wearing that helmet.

    Cris Bloomfield

    Sounds like the kind of thing you only make the mistake of doing once!

    Andy Benson

    You’re not alone. I separated a shoulder doing something dumber and I wasn’t wearing a helmet! Definitely won’t be doing that again.

    Chuck Mader

    Well, two stories. While on the beach from a crash where my diagnosis was “concussion w/ coma” (and I was wearing a helmet) I was working on my mountain bike. Spun the wheel while it was in the stand, reached to adjust the brake caliper, and ouch…my finger met a spoke and I had to have it sewn back on. I had to cancel the head injury follow up to have the ortho work my finger…

    On the other side, I sit here without riding in the last month because I too just separated my shoulder (3rd degree) after a superman 5 miles into a 12hr mountain bike race.


    Here’s my Dumb & Dumber story…

    Ch.1 DUMB

    Saturday Bank Holiday Augsust 2006 zipping along at around 30mph along our little country lanes, go around a corner straight into the back of parked 4×4… My Giro Xen took must of the impact in a crash test dummy style, followed by collar bone. Frame & Forks are mashed, but hold out long enough for me to ride onwards to seek assistance.

    Here’s the funny part…

    Ch.2 DUMBER

    Saturday Bank Holiday August 2007 taking heed of the previous years misadventure I am gently cruising down to folks place on my good ol’ Indy Fab Deluxe to sit in the saftey of their garden for the evening …dipping in & out of traffic…dazzled by the sun I slam straight into a builders skip flying over the bars superman stylee.I emerge covered in plaster dust and a kind gentleman in a sports car gives me a lift home…The outcome is the top tube is severely dented / bent, as is the box fresh Giro Xen, and an entertaining evenig sat in A&E to follow. (Luckily bones all okay this time).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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