DNF…my least favorite letters. Posted on November 11th 2010

DNF…will be attached to my name at the recent OVCX series race from the Gun Club in Ohio. I have never had those three letters attached to my name. DNF…Did Not Finish is something I have never done. Even when I was almost last a few years ago I finished. I flatted in my third of what was five laps of the race. I have no extra set of wheels for a pit area, I had no extra tube or patch, and no inflator on me handy.
One of my best pals was with me in the race and tried to make it better by blaming the tire, well the tube I suppose. Yeah I see logic there, but the tire/tube didn’t do it on purpose so it is hard to find much consolation with that. I want to be angry, but I suppose shit happens. It is Thursday and I am still a bit put off, but I suppose the only thing I can do it put it behind me, get a second set of wheels or switch to tubulars. Kind of a good bad thing, more gear, yet having to pay for it stinks.

On the positive side, the course was a blast to race and I am looking forward to next year and finishing much better then…well I suppose actually finishing would be key. I am looking at finishing the racing season with two left in my own home state. it will be cold and fun, so fire up and get ready.

I’ll leave you with a pic of me in all my glory in the sand pits. It was so much fun until I heard the dreaded tire fart.
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