XS with Gold Lugs

photo'09 XS Owner: Svelte Cycles From: Rhode Island, USA Paint: Raw Carbon with Gold Lugs Comments: Read more about this bike ...
22nd August 2009 | Continue →

Carbon and Corsa Red XS

photo'09 XS Owner: Jules Lambert From: Utah, USA Paint: Carbon with Corsa Red lugs Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1 2
15th August 2009 | Continue →

XS with Hot Pink Details

photo'08 XS Owner: Jamie Sanchez From: Illinois, USA Paint: Natural carbon, raw titatium lugs and hot pink logos Comments: The XS ...
3rd June 2009 | Continue →

XS with Red Carbon Tint

photo'09 XS Owner: Dave Pugh From: California, USA Paint: Red carbon with Ti Lugs and silver script Comments: Dream machine! Purchased from: ...
27th April 2009 | Continue →

Meteorite Grey XS

photo'08 XS Owner: Christian Price From: Greater London, UK Paint: Meteorite Grey Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1 2 3 ...
12th March 2009 | Continue →

Blue and White XS

photo'05 XS Owner: Mitch Graham From: Ohio, USA Paint: Intense Blue Pearl lugs, White main tubes, prizmatic clear coat Comments: ...
12th March 2009 | Continue →


photo'05 XS Owner: Graeme Hornsby From: Leicestershire, UK Paint: Carbon and Titanium Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1
23rd December 2008 | Continue →

XS with Purple Flake

photo'05 XS Owner: Shanna White From: New York, USA Paint: Rare XS paint. Purple Flake & Clear on all carbon Comments: ...
25th November 2008 | Continue →


photo'06 XS Owner: Bobby Hong From: Virginia, USA Paint: Raw Titanium and Carbon Comments: This is the before pic. I'm having ...
10th November 2008 | Continue →

XS with White Lugs

photo'08 XS Owner: Eric Larimer From: Illinois, USA Paint: White Painted Lugs - Clear Carbon - Blue/White Decals Comments: I have ...
28th July 2008 | Continue →

Blue and Yellow XS

photo'08 XS Owner: None From: Texas, USA Paint: Blue and Yellow Lugs with custom artwork on top tube. Comments: This is ...
19th June 2008 | Continue →

XS with Custom Blue Lugs

photo'07 XS Owner: Unknown From: Unknown Paint: Custom Blue Comments: None Photos: 1 2 3
15th February 2008 | Continue →

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