Recently Added Bikes

Gloss White SSR

photo'16 SSR Owner: Daniel Lash From: California, USA Paint: Gloss White to Brushed Stainless with Black Panel Comments: Love my ...
18th August 2016 | Continue »

Deluxe in Metallic Dark Blue

photo'99 Deluxe Owner: Alex Mojcher From: Massachusetts, USA Paint: Metallic Dark Blue Comments: I picked this beauty up from the ...
8th August 2016 | Continue »

Boss Blue XS

photo'16 XS Owner: Kevin Lavin From: District of Columbia, USA Paint: Boss Blue and Carbon Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1
13th July 2016 | Continue »

Copper Crown Jewel

photo'02 Crown Jewel Owner: Kevin Comerford From: California, USA Paint: Copper Comments: None Purchased from: Bike Shack Photos: 1
6th July 2016 | Continue »

Orange Crown Jewel

photo'02 Crown Jewel Owner: Lee Hallman From: North Carolina, USA Paint: Orange Comments: None Purchased from: eBay Photos: 1
28th June 2016 | Continue »

Metallic Blue to Green Crown Jewel

photo'97 Crown Jewel Owner: Clint Johnson From: Idaho, USA Paint: Metallic Blue to Green Fade Comments: Original owner of this ...
24th June 2016 | Continue »

Stealth Attack Black Corvid

photo'09 Corvid Owner: Charles Osborne From: New York, USA Paint: Raw carbon Comments: Clearcoat over woven carbon, vanilla shake script, ...
22nd June 2016 | Continue »

Army Green SSR

photo'13 SSR Owner: Adrian Gorizzan From: Ontario, Canada Paint: Army Green with Vanilla Shake Panels Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1
14th June 2016 | Continue »

Harlequin Crown Jewel

photo'99 Crown Jewel Owner: Aaron Bereiter From: Illinois, USA Paint: Harlequin purple/gold Comments: Beautiful paintwork on this frameset (Ed.) Purchased from: ...
12th June 2016 | Continue »

Pink Planet Cross

photo'14 Planet Cross Owner: Miguel Lin From: Southside, Australia Paint: Pink Comments: None Purchased from: Private sale Photos: 1
22nd May 2016 | Continue »

Black Deluxe

photo'15 Deluxe From: Vermont, USA Paint: Black Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1
17th May 2016 | Continue »

Ti Factory Lightweight

photo'16 Titanium Factory Lightweight Owner: Tim Warke From: County Antrim, UK Paint: Raw Titanium and Carbon Comments: None Purchased from: ...
23rd April 2016 | Continue »

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