Recently Added Bikes

Omaha Orange XS

photo'14 XS Owner: Michael Kirsch From: New Jersey, USA Paint: Omaha Orange Comments: Appropriately named "Orange Crush" Purchased from: Photos: 1 ...
10th December 2014 | Continue »

Crystal Bay Blue & Hot Pink Crown Jewel

photo'14 Crown Jewel Owner: David Whitting From: Devon, UK Paint: Crystal Bay Blue & Hot Pink Comments: None Purchased from: Kinoko Photos: ...
5th December 2014 | Continue »

Dove Gray Crown Jewel

photo'14 Crown Jewel Disc Owner: Fumi Jyo From: Fukuoka, Japan Paint: Dove Grey Comments: None Purchased from: Promenader Photos: 1 2 3
28th October 2014 | Continue »

Factory Lightweight in Omaha Orange and Vanilla Shake

photo'13 Factory Lightweight Owner: Grace Jehan From: California, USA Paint: Omaha Orange and Vanilla Shake Comments: None Purchased from: Cycle Sports Photos: ...
28th October 2014 | Continue »

Lavender Crown Jewel

photo'14 Crown Jewel Owner: G Morgante From: Colorado, USA Paint: Lavender Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1
28th October 2014 | Continue »

Ti Factory Lightweight in Freshwater Pearl

photo'14 Titanium Factory Lightweight Owner: Russell Lee From: Shanghai, China Paint: Brushed Ti´╝îFreshwater Pearl, customer Enve logo and Chevron Comments: ...
27th September 2014 | Continue »

Blue to Silver Fade Deluxe

photo'01 Deluxe Owner: Fred Flores From: California, USA Paint: Blue to Silver Fade Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1 2
27th September 2014 | Continue »

Grassroots Ti Factory Lightweight

photo'13 Titanium Factory Lightweight Owner: Geoff Johns From: Alberta, Canada Paint: IF Grassroots (quetzel green and Tokyo Pearl white) Comments: ...
18th September 2014 | Continue »

Candy Red Crown Jewel

photo'01 Crown Jewel Owner: Dustin Grubbs From: Florida, USA Paint: Candy Red Comments: Rides better than any I have ever ...
18th September 2014 | Continue »

Titanium Crown Jewel Disc

photo'14 Titanium Crown Jewel Owner: Mike Cochran From: California, USA Paint: Shot peened Titanium Comments: Dura Ace Hydro Disc Di2; ...
20th August 2014 | Continue »

Vanilla Shake with Ruby Panels Crown Jewel

photo'13 Crown Jewel Owner: Michael Barnard From: Essex, UK Paint: Vanilla shake with ruby red pearl panels Comments: My second ...
20th August 2014 | Continue »

Candy Red and Cream Deluxe Singlespeed

photo'03 Deluxe Singlespeed Owner: Daniel Parker From: Hampshire, UK Paint: Refurbished to Deep Candy Red / Cream Comments: None Purchased from: ...
19th August 2014 | Continue »

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