Crown Jewel

Burnt Orange to Maroon Crown Jewel

photo'98 Crown Jewel Owner: Jeff Myers From: Michigan, USA Paint: Burnt Orange to Maroon fade Comments: eBay find !! Purchased from: ...
30th August 2016 | Continue →

Copper Crown Jewel

photo'02 Crown Jewel Owner: Kevin Comerford From: California, USA Paint: Copper Comments: None Purchased from: Bike Shack Photos: 1
6th July 2016 | Continue →

Orange Crown Jewel

photo'02 Crown Jewel Owner: Lee Hallman From: North Carolina, USA Paint: Orange Comments: None Purchased from: eBay Photos: 1
28th June 2016 | Continue →

Metallic Blue to Green Crown Jewel

photo'97 Crown Jewel Owner: Clint Johnson From: Idaho, USA Paint: Metallic Blue to Green Fade Comments: Original owner of this ...
24th June 2016 | Continue →

Harlequin Crown Jewel

photo'99 Crown Jewel Owner: Aaron Bereiter From: Illinois, USA Paint: Harlequin purple/gold Comments: Beautiful paintwork on this frameset (Ed.) Purchased from: ...
12th June 2016 | Continue →

Meteorite Silver Metallic Crown Jewel

photo'03 Crown Jewel Owner: Dana Mills From: Florida, USA Paint: Meteorite Silver Metallic Comments: None Purchased from: Photos: 1
23rd April 2016 | Continue →

Pink Crown Jewel

photo'15 Crown Jewel Owner: Stewart Starkin From: Greater London, UK Paint: Pink Comments: Pretty in Pink. (This makes me want a ...
7th January 2016 | Continue →

Rapha Edition Crown Jewel

photo'15 Crown Jewel Owner: Dongwon Kim From: Seoul, South Korea Paint: Rapha Edition Comments: None Purchased from: Plush Bikes Photos: 1
15th December 2015 | Continue →

Metallic Green Crown Jewel

photo'09 Crown Jewel Owner: Seann Moriarty From: Massachusetts, USA Paint: Metallic Green Comments: Found this bike through a connection up ...
20th November 2015 | Continue →

Platinum Silver Crown Jewel

photo'01 Crown Jewel Owner: Aldrich Chan From: New South Wales, Australia Paint: Platinum Silver with Black Panels and Silver ...
14th November 2015 | Continue →

America Crown Jewel

photo'06 Crown Jewel Owner: Patrick Whitty From: Illinois, USA Paint: 'Merica Comments: After having my Gunnar Roadie stolen in downtown ...
5th September 2015 | Continue →

Freshwater Pearl Crown Jewel

photo'15 Crown Jewel Owner: Matt Buxbaum From: South Carolina, USA Paint: Freshwater Pearl Comments: None Purchased from: Freehub Bicycles Photos: 1
9th August 2015 | Continue →

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